Our goal is to serve our customers professionally, with the interaction of marketing and merchandising expertise along with technical support to build such a comfort level with customers which would make them feel that they are in right place to get the competitive merchandise with outstanding quality.

Product Development

We know the marketing of any company or any product is not so easy, for marketing purpose most of the buyer's demand several samples to show them to different clients, so we develop them with our existing suppliers according to the buyer's requirements in timely manner. Other than that order related samples are always be there like approval sample, size set, sales samples (if need). We have our own sample section for quick and best quality sample.

Price Quotation

Our huge networking in Bangladesh allow us to provide the cheapest price available in Bangladesh.

  • 1. Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements. 

    2. Negotiation and finalization of price.

  • Sample program

    We need the spec, sketch, design and all details including the yarn composition and then we make sample for clients' approval. Sometimes, we do this sampling according to a given sample (original sample) from the client-end and then send them for the clients' approval. After receiving the approval, we make some more samples in case of buyers' satisfaction. If the sample quantity is a large number, then we make it as per buyers' requirements with a mutual understanding.

  • Order Progress Process 

    On receipt of orders based on above, discussing with suppliers on process planning, preparation of critical path by highlighting critical stages involved.

    Production Monitoring

    Monitoring the production is one of our main services to our clients because once the product cut wrong it will stitch wrong, so we do monitor every step deeply, from fabric, it's dying, the shrinkage, the patterns, the cutting layers, bundling, distribution on the machines, general checking, washing, cropping, pressing, final checking, tags/stickers placements etc, packing in bags, master bags, cartons and it's quality and marking etc, so nothing will be left which will make problem for our clients.

    Weekly Progress Report


    Meeting with Merchandiser, Quality Controller and Logistic staff will be held every Sunday and status will be e-mailed to customers on every Monday. This will enable all the customers to verify their order progress.

    Quality Assurance 

    Splendid Fashion (BD) Pvt Ltd is one of the few garment manufacturing companies in Bangladesh who owns a quality plan compliant to international code standards (such as MIL, AATC, ASTM and ISO codes).

    Quality Assurance is conducted in 4 stages of production.

    1. Pre production check (PPC)

    2. Initial production check (IPC)

    3. During productions check (DUPRO)

    4. Final random inspection (FRI)