Splendid Fashion (BD) Pvt Ltd is a customer oriented company so the main goal of our organization is to ensure the requirements of a customer and met at first time. Our quality inspection system is designed to identify and eliminate the deficiencies and take corrective action.

Our quality plan is compliant to international quality code/ standards. We believe in maintaining systems and control measures from yarn to finished products stage in accordance to the MIL-STD-105E along with AATC, ASTM and ISO codes and standards to deliver flawless garments. Our quality assurance personnel stationed at all the manufacturing sites to ensure that all production units are geared to run on your quality requirements, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money.

The level of inspections are used for the 3 pre-shipment inspections are as follows:

1.     Fabric inspection

2.     Initial Production Check –Single Sampling Plan General Level I

3.     During Production Check –Single Sampling Plan General Level I

4.     Final Random Inspection – Single Sampling Plan General Level II

 If a tighter inspection plan is needed by clients for special cases where stricter controls are required on the product, level III shall be applied.  Level III generally means that a larger sample size will be check, and of which a smaller proportion is allowed to be defective.

Level S3 is a special level used in conjunction with Levels I, II and III.  Level S3 is used for field tests and performance measurements where it would not be practical to perform such tests on larger sample sizes

Inspection Report sending

All the inspection reports will be sent to client if requested by client. Also the execution of the order according to the delivery schedule will be monitored and the client will be advised problems through formal reporting.

Based on the contractual delivery date the inspections are being scheduled provisionally upon reception of the inspection order. Reporting of delays anticipated is an integral part of our full service and is important to client.

*Disclaimer: Client must specify inspection requirements, third party inspection company, AQL and code/standard before placing orders in order to maintain expected quality level and refund.